Writing own eulogy a great exercise for all ages

In 2007, I took a course at the college called Psychology 240, Developmental Psychology. The teacher was B.K. Griesemer. Most of the students were kids in their 20s.

Each week we had to write an essay about a different stage in our development. Here is the assignment for week four. I think it would be a great exercise for anyone of any age who thinks about their life.

Try it, you’ll like it.

“Journal 4: Eulogy and Life Goals

“A distant relative finds an old brown piece of paper containing the eulogy about you that was read at your funeral, memorial service, celebration of life or another type of ceremony that was held to honor your life. It reads: “Write a eulogy for yourself that summarizes your life’s achievements, many of which may still be dreams, hopes or plans at this time.

“Connection questions: When you finish it, answer these questions: How did you feel about writing the eulogy? If you were the person who found this eulogy, what would you think about you? What would you have liked to have included but didn’t? For those items that are only dreams, hopes or plans at this time, do you have plans and a timetable to accomplish them? What are you doing now, this week, this month to achieve them? If you don’t, what are you planning to do to accomplish these goals?”

Sally Raisbeck