Abundant signs that democracy is in its twilight

The comments, charges and case against Edward Snowden remind me of the allegations against Daniel Ellsberg. He was similarly maligned, accused and harassed, and only later was he thanked by the thoughtful public.

One of the ways that tyranny approaches full despotism is to harass, restrict, distort and destroy all individuals or groups who challenge the subversion of law by government and both the merging of government and business and the unconscionable conduct of corporations.

In fact, Naomi Wolf has written, along the path to tyranny, dissent is recast as treason and criticism as espionage.

There are probably as many as 20 telltale signs that freedom and democracy are in the twilight of their day. A list is before me as I write and I see very little difference between America today and Germany by the mid-1930s.

Raphael O’Suna