Allow trees to do what they’re intended to do

I recently read an article in The Maui News (July 17) on a bill being proposed by Maui County Council Vice Chairman Robert Carroll.

In that article, longtime arborist Ernest Rezents mentions about the way trees are trimmed – baldheaded.

I see this everywhere, shopping centers or, for example, at Walmart trees were trimmed back to a small round ball, no longer doing their purpose. Mushroom shaped or round is simply not right for shade trees.

Trees should be only be pruned so that the wind can flow through their branches and allow some sunlight through the canopy or when they may pose a hazard to people and property.

I think the number of trees in a parking lot is adequate, as long as they’re allowed to grow the way they should, to the appropriate size for the species of tree, and do what they were intended to do, which is to beautify and provide shade.

Cresencio Yagin