Allowing same-sex marriage is not the answer

Remember Judas Iscariot? For a few pieces of silver he sold out Jesus Christ to the Romans.

Now for a few pieces of tourism money they want to shove same-sex marriage down our throats. Business is business in Hawaii.

If the prices are too high people won’t come even if you pass same-sex marriage. People will come if it were more affordable.

But, if it were more affordable, then the vendors would be barely making it.

Our Honolulu mayor said it very clearly: Visitor operating expenses are higher than the income because our government at all levels is making it hard on businesses to survive because of the increase in taxes and fees every time a bad decision is made and efforts are made to cover those bad decisions.

Passing same-sex marriage isn’t the answer.

There are other states that allow it. Go there.

Henry P. Kahula Jr