Answers sought on demolition of post office

I have a few questions:

* Did Mayor Alan Arakawa violate the law when he used money that was approved by the council for the repair and rehab and took apart the post office instead? If so, what would the discipline be? Relieved of duty unbecoming of mayor or primo seating at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center if Celine Dion showed up?

* Were there any of his staff or Cabinet members involved in this debacle? And appropriate penalty, of course, or make them eat a plate of adobo rat – it’s actually good.

* If firing or impeachment was the proper punishment, would it be necessary to hold a special election or will it be sufficient for a successor to hold the office until the next election?

If it is determined that there was a misuse of funds, are there others? Knowing politics, probably so – we aren’t stupid.

To remove any political motives, maybe this should be assigned to the new auditor. And have the primo seatings at the MACC ready.

Ron Sambrano