Burn critics exaggerate their complaints

As a longtime resident of Maui who was born and raised in a sugar plantation camp in Lahaina more than 50 years ago, and as someone whose grandparents, father, uncles and aunts lived in the plantation camps and worked for Pioneer Mill all their working years, I get very impatient and upset with the chronic complainers about the sugar industry.

I especially get turned off with those who exaggerate their complaints.

A June 18 letter writer complained about the cane-burning smoke that covered the highway and was so thick that visibility was limited to 2 feet. Who would drive into a snowstorm, a dust storm, a sand storm, fog or cane smoke when visibility in front of you is only 2 feet?

The only person that I can think of that would do such a crazy, stupid thing would be someone who wanted to end up being a sugar-glazed smoked turkey.

William T. Kinaka