Business owners show aloha and kokua for all

This is a mahalo letter to Seth (and his wife), owners of The Water Store in Azeka II in Kihei. Normally closed on a recent Sunday, they opened up early, and planed on staying late, to accommodate all the water-seekers preparing for Flossie.

As I approached the outside filler station, surprise, Seth popped out of the store, swept me and my bottles inside, and he and his wife helped me sterilize, fill and wipe down all three of my 5-gallon bottles, and carry them out to my truck.

Seth told me it was his wife’s idea, and he gladly agreed – their way of lending a hand to our community. Now that’s the way to run a business, with aloha and kokua for all.

Mahalo nui loa, Seth.

Hugh Brenner