Cane burning process overshadows any benefits

The statement by a June 30 letter writer that cane smoke is “the price we bear” for the green fields of cane is another misguided attempt to justify a harvesting practice that the rest of the world has moved beyond.

I would venture to say many residents of Maui and tourists alike reject that premise. The letter writer makes note of a 1990s study that showed success in green chop practices in Australia but, of course, a Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. representative said it wouldn’t work on Maui. Imagine that.

Where are the results from the meeting of 20 university and research groups along with an unnamed national institute referenced in a June 23 Viewpoint?

I will agree with the letter writer that the “green fields of cane rippling in the sunshine” are good for Maui and I respect that, but I would again argue the burning harvesting process overshadows any benefit. I don’t agree profit should outweigh the need to move into the future and find a better way.

Rick Marts