Circumstances of suicide need to be made public

The tragedy recently, when a woman committed suicide with a gun during a firearms safety class at the county firing range (The Maui News, July 9), must not be swept under the rug.

I realize that publicizing details may be painful to the family, but the county owns and runs the firing range. It is important to know what aspects of the way the range is operated allowed such a tragedy to happen. What are the rules governing the classes taught there?

The police need to release information about who owned the gun that was used. Who was teaching the class? Was it a police officer? Was it a volunteer? What kind of background check, if any, had been required of members of the class? What background checks of the instructors?

Someone else who was in the class said there were six to eight police officers present at the shooting.

It is important that accurate information about this tragic happening be made public as soon as possible.

Sally Raisbeck