Condition of the Lahaina Aquatic Center disgraceful

This letter is regarding the Lahaina Aquatic Center – I find it hard to believe that it is funded by the same county as the Kihei Aquatic Center, the two are apples and oranges.

The Lahaina Aquatic Center is a pitiful shell of what I’m sure was at one time a wonderful state-of-the-art pool. It is dilapidated and no one cares. The scoreboard is nothing more than a very large bird’s nest. There has been no hot water in the locker rooms for almost a year. The large shade canopy came into disrepair and no attempt has been made to replace it. There are broken umbrellas at every lifeguard stand, crumbling cement on the pool deck, the water in the pool is freezing (with a water heater that broke six years ago) and the landscape has just been chain-sawed down. The only cleaning and maintenance is done by community service individuals.

The keiki pool is merely a tease. It is never open and when it is closed off, the entrance to the locker rooms is blocked as well.

This pool is a disgrace and comments overheard from the staff are, “What do they want? It’s free.” It isn’t free. Residents pay for this pool with our taxes, and I expect more. There is a huge need for a pool in this community and the Lahaina Aquatic Center is quite lacking.

Cheryl Henderson