Controversy nothing more than turf battle

Enough of this wrangling over the appropriation for renovation of the old post office. The appropriation was instead used for demolition.

To me it is obvious that the County Council has too little of importance to do if members can afford to spend their time in this useless controversy. We have here a classic turf battle.

The mayor was wrong to depend on one-to-one contact with council members to get tacit approval for changing the use from renovation to demolition without a formal budget change. The mayor has apologized and said he would not do it again.

Some council members want an investigation, probably to show which council members were consulted and which were not. Or whose permission was obtained and who objected. Those of us who watch the council will know who objected even without an investigation. Riki Hokama? Council watchers can also see which council members watched the demolition proceed and didn’t ask where the funds were coming from. Tsk, tsk, careless members.

This is not an important issue. The mayor was wrong and has said so. It is a waste of time and valuable resources to insist on “I was right and you were wrong, and I want to prove how right I was.” Please, get over it.

Of course it is always possible that the controversy has something to do with public relations for the next mayoral race. Mike White?

Sally Raisbeck