Don’t allow Maui to be power supplier for Oahu

What’s the problem with Oahu having its own power source (The Maui News, July 13)? Why should Maui County be the one to supply it with electricity? The tech knowledge is at their front door.

Do we want to put more windmills on Maui to supply Oahu with power? How would the island look with the mountainside full of windmills? Right ugly. Tourists don’t come to see windmills.

Oahu would have the space to put up its own if the money was spent to do it.

Maui, speak up. Because it’s our island and some of us do care on how our island looks.

Our tax money helped put those windmills up and we should have a say.

And regarding the mayor and council members: There’s too many costly mistakes being made but no penalties to the people who make the costly mistakes. Are they above the law? I would like to see some restitution from our lawmakers. Dock their pay for every mistake made, even their staff should be penalized since they are part of it too.

Rudy Sumabat