Efforts of Ulupalakua Ranch ohana appreciated

A big mahalo goes out to the Ulupalakua Ranch ohana for the June 30 50th anniversary event. It was delightful.

As a relative newcomer who has lived here for a mere 10 years, I was especially intrigued by Pardee Erdman’s amusing stories of how things worked in the 1960s.

Sumner Erdman, in his answers to audience questions, treated us to a well-balanced analysis of many of the most-pressing issues facing the island. It was refreshing to hear from someone who has to deal with all the aspects of a problem, trying to make things work out well in the long term. His cogent “it’s more complicated than you might think” summaries stood in stark contrast to the single-issue emotionally driven arguments one often reads in these pages.

It is encouraging to know that a big chunk of Maui land is being managed by a family that is trying so hard to do the right thing.

Mitch Bradley