Falling water could be used to store clean power

We all hate to see alternative energy wasted as Maui Electric Co. dumps the tremendous amount of wind energy (The Maui News, July 10).

Wind power can’t be saved, it has to be used the moment it is created. Batteries aren’t so good for the aina. Another way to store power is in falling water. This is done in Arizona with the “pump-back” system that would use the excess energy to pump water from a lower pond (lake) to an upper pond (lake) with a pump that is also an electrical-generating turbine.

The water is pumped up when extra power is available and released through the turbine during peak loads. This increases profits for the power company and creates some freshwater ponds for fishing.

It could help shutter the Kahului power plant sooner, which is toxic and damages the air on our island, which is already compromised by cane burns and vog.

This is clean energy that will also provide recreation long after better ways to produce power come along.

Mark Saylors