Fastest path to waking up is through forgiveness

It seems that people demanding that things beyond their direct control be a certain way are committing psychological aggression against all of us.

I suggest that your not enjoying something beyond your direct control, even if your argument is ultimately fruitless, means that you are enslaving yourself to “your idea” of how things “should be” rather than the way things actually are.

I guess no one told you that this is all just a dream and everything that happens here is here because you dreamed it. If you want things to change, either forgive them, because you made them up, or wake up from your dream.

Good luck on the “waking up” part.

How can you wake up if you don’t know you are asleep and dreaming?

Forgiveness remains the fastest path to awakening.

Good luck.

If you are not busy waking up, you are busy dying.

Steven Joshua Blue