Florida law is in effect an endorsement of murder

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is wrong. It encourages people to ambulate packed. It gives those people the right to be judge, jury and executioner, and it leaves no room for arbitration. The decision to kill is subjective and influenced by the person’s background, biases and frame of mind at that time.

This law endorses murder.

The victim, Trayvon Martin, under Florida law forfeited his right to ward off an attacker with his fist, even though he felt threatened. However, the armed assailant, George Zimmerman, had the right to gun Martin down, as the law allows.

Had the reverse occurred and Martin had shot and killed Zimmerman, Martin could have then reasonably proclaimed, as phone records would have confirmed, that he felt threatened and that his life was in danger.

A fair assumption is that Martin may have attempted to fight off his pursuer. In that scuffle, Zimmerman was injured and, only then, he felt threatened. However, Zimmerman, the instigator/pursuer, could have stood down, walked away and observed from a distance. However, he didn’t. Florida law, unfortunately, enabled him with bravado to continue his aggression toward Martin.

This law must be repealed so that civility and common sense can be restored. Surely, this is not a law Americans adhere to, or is it?

William Coelho