Hale Mahaolu a pillar of support for community

So often, as human beings, we have a tendency to share doom and gloom, all the things we think are wrong/not working – in other words, all the negatives.

I would like to share about Hale Mahaolu, a company that has for the past 45 years built a legacy of hope, a new spark of life for seniors, individuals with physical and mental impairments and young families.

Following are examples of what this company has contributed to Maui County:

* Developed and/or managed 14 independent living facilities.

* Implemented personal care in the home.

* Implemented an exemplary meal program.

* Built three state-of- the-art day care facilities.

Many years ago, Hale Mahaolu had a vision of developing and building housing facilities where seniors could age in place – many years before the term was ever thought of or coined.

It was during these early years that a strong partnership was formed between Hale Mahaolu and Maui Adult Day Care Centers. Now because of this partnership over the past 39 years, Maui Adult Day Care Centers has been able to provide care for the elderly in facilities that Hale Mahaolu built on its property. This partnership has allowed the seniors to age in place.

Hale Mahaolu has truly been, and will continue to be, a pillar of support to individuals throughout Maui County. The company is a model throughout Maui County, the state and the nation as well.

Sandy Freeman

Executive Director

Maui Adult Day Care Centers