Hale Mahaolu’s inactions no model for Maui County

I do not agree that Hale Mahaolu is a model throughout Maui County (Letters, July 7).

My mom has lived in a unit at Lahaina Surf for 25 years, and she has had asbestos contamination for several years. Her ceiling is falling apart in several places, exposing herself, family and grandchildren to asbestos. Her asbestos-infested floor is exposed due to broken tile right below her refrigerator.

My mom has brought this up to the staff at Lahaina Surf numerous times over the years, and they have not done anything about it until now that it has been aired in The Maui News (June 14) and there is an investigation being done.

I hope Hale Mahaolu gets rid of its executive director, because that man does not have the people’s best interest at heart. Instead, Robyne Nishida Nakao should be in charge because she obviously cares more about the residents and workers of Hale Mahaolu than her career.

The July 7 letter writer needs to get a clue. Asbestos is serious. Would she want her kin exposed to asbestos? My children, nephews, mother and siblings have all been exposed to asbestos, and I pray that we will not have to suffer the repercussions of the executive director’s selfish business tactics, but only time will tell.

Kanani Higbee