Horrible fate awaiting those who act illegally

The other day, a talk show guest implicated the CIA’s involvement in the illegal drug industry.

Whether or not that’s true, I have a message for anyone involved in illegal activity: Read Vassula Ryden’s new book, “Heaven is Real But So is Hell.” In it, Ryden describes a vision of hell where Satan is throwing hot lava on the faces of souls who cry out, “Let us die!”

She also saw souls on the brink of hell’s gates about to be thrown into the eternal inferno shrieking, “Save us, Save us!”

Friends, don’t go there. As the song says: “You just slip out the back, Jack; make a new plan, Stan . . . hop on the bus, Gus; you don’t need to discuss much.”

In other words, dump Satan and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Amen.

Melissa B. Prince