Keep the sugar cane fields but end the pollution

I love seeing the green fields of sugar cane, especially contrasted against the dark mountains and the blues of the ocean and sky. I am very much in support of the presence of Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.

However, I awoke coughing and sneezing with itchy eyes and nose, which can only mean one thing – HC&S is burning cane fields again.

Who gave HC&S the right to pollute the air that I breathe and negatively affect my health simply for the sake of a bigger profit?

I guess that would be the County of Maui, since it imposes fines on me as a person for burning and polluting, but not on HC&S.

By the way, bigger profits are not worth the trade-off of the health of the residents of Central Maui. HC&S should be pono in the way it harvests. There are other ways to harvest. It doesn’t have to be either it’s here polluting or gone. HC&S can be here not polluting – and many would welcome its presence.

Look at the bigger picture instead of the bigger profits, please.

Frances Pitzer