Maui legislators work as team to make a difference

During the last legislative session, I witnessed the process in which a perceived need becomes a bill that became law.

David Kingdon, a Kapiolani Community College instructor and paramedic, helped to create a needed improvement to the Emergency Medical Services system.

Kingdon called state Sen. Roz Baker and requested a meeting. Sen. Baker took the time to really listen and understand what the issue was, and how best to approach the smartest solution. That first meeting turned into several others as data were collected and a solution was presented.

Sen. Baker is someone I find to be smart, approachable, and truly interested in wise decision-making. Maui Reps. Angus McKelvey and Kaniela Ing were also instrumental in this process, pushing hard to make it happen.

Their enthusiasm and drive was remarkable. It was inspiring to watch this team of Maui citizens make something happen that benefited all of Maui. One person can make a difference with a team of legislators like we have in Maui County.

Chris Rose