MPD ticketing speeders is epitome of hypocrisy

Well, I see Maui Police Department is going to be out harassing “speeders” all in the name of “safety” (The Maui News, July 18).

Sorry, but going along the Haleakala or Mokulele highways at 55-65 mph is not unsafe. I’m sure they’ll be out there, though, getting tickets from their “honey holes.” Nothing like a nice, easy summons.

Why don’t they do something about citing red light violators? Now that would really be doing something about a safety hazard in our community. Oh yeah, that would actually take some effort on their part.

Getting a speeding ticket from MPD officers who routinely speed along Maui’s roadways when not driving with their lights and siren activated is the epitome of hypocrisy. MPD speeding down South Kihei Road at speeds above 60 mph – now there’s a real safety issue.

Enough. Go cite drivers who are a real danger to the community.

Steve Hashira