Parents, children cautioned about marijuana video

It was brought to my attention by a concerned mother of two minor sons who are acquainted with my teenage grandson that a video was made for the promotion of legalizing marijuana. According to my grandson, about 30 young people – 16 years old or younger – were asked if they wanted to help make a video, without saying what the video was about. According to the mother, it was to promote the legalizing of marijuana.

First of all, in order for anyone to start videotaping minors they must first get signed documents from the parents or guardians allowing them to do the videotaping, especially for public use. Anybody presenting the videos will also be in violation and all will be in violation and subject to prosecution.

Advice to all parents: Advise your children against invitations to do videotaping by unknown people without first getting signed authorization. Who knows what it could turn out to be.

My grandson said it was about a year or so ago that this took place – about early 2012.

Be aware.

Henry Kahula Jr.