Patient grateful for care at Kaiser Permanente

Back in March I was diagnosed with having fast heart rhythms with an atrial flutter.

Through the excellent service, knowledge and professionalism provided by Dr. Gary Wilkins and cardiologist Dr. Pamela Gordon, their staff, nurses and assistants of Kaiser Permanente on Maui, it was decided at the end of the evaluation to have a catheter ablation done at the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Honolulu.

Dr. Kevin F. Kwaku, the electrophysiology cardiologist at Kaiser hospital in Honolulu, was the admitting provider and the procedure took place in the middle of July.

I would like to state that I received the best possible service, treatment, understanding and care at all levels from check-in to checkout, from excellent food to know-how at the pharmacy, from the travel department and for the way I was treated and how Dr. Kwaku explained the procedure and how he put my mind at ease.

The end result looks good, my heartbeat is normal again. I am eternally grateful for all what they did for me.

Thank you, Kaiser Permanente.

Fred Lulof