Problem of feral chickens is not being addressed

Earlier this year, Mayor Alan Arakawa addressed a problem with wild feral roosters and chickens on Maui after a feral chicken got into an electrical generator and short-circuited parts of Kahului.

The article I read in The Maui News (March 17) stated that he allocated the Maui Humane Society extra funding to deal with the island’s feral chicken problem. I called the Maui Humane Society and spoke to someone in the animal control division who said that no solution has been addressed. In other words, the mayor has not spoken to them about the issue.

Please, mayor, as a longtime Maui resident, this a big problem in my Waikapu community and in other communities on Maui. I have spoken with friends and family in other areas on Maui and they have the same attitude that the feral chicken problem on Maui is out of control. Before we have an outbreak of disease that is associated with these pests, Maui County needs to address this issue.

The roosters crow at 2 and 3 a.m. and wake the whole neighborhood up. They scratch up our landscaping, and they are prolific breeders.

Before Maui becomes as bad as Kauai, we need to address this problem like any other varmint animal infestation.

Richard Matsumoto