Process of animal adoption needs to be stricter

In the June 30 paper, the “Pet of the Week,” Dexter, an adorable 7-month-old pit bull mix, was returned not once but twice to the Maui Humane Society for very lame reasons.

On the application under “Don’t Forget to Review the Following Important Topics with Your Adoption Counselor” is “Talking with Your Landlord About Pet Policies.”

One of the reasons for Dexter’s return allegedly was breed restrictions at a residence. This should be addressed very strongly. The adoption application has been minimized. It used to include an area to be signed off on by the manager of the residence to acknowledge acceptance of all breeds and sizes.

The other alleged excuse was family emergency. Come on, don’t you have anyone to take care of this awesome dog while you tend to this family emergency? The Humane Society should have a nonrefundable deposit to ward off these lame excuses in the event an animal is returned, especially the breed restrictions at residence violation.

Adoptive families really need to be educated that dogs have feelings, get depressed and are not to be returned for any lame reason. This puppy was happy to have a family twice only to feel rejected both times.

The adoption process needs to be stricter regardless of how many dogs and kittens there are on Maui. That is no excuse for this type of irresponsibility.

A signed form from the manager of any residence, condo, etc., should be necessary for the welfare of this precious dog.

Tere Patterson