Protests against Texas abortion laws question

I have been watching Texas and the new laws concerning abortion with interest.

While I am unapologetically pro-life, I am not an ideologue. I see many gray areas in this issue. But I am wondering why all the dramatic and angry protests against the Texas law? And I raise the following questions:

* Isn’t 20 weeks enough time to make a choice and obtain an abortion?

* Do the protesters realize that many countries in Europe place limits for abortion at 12-14 weeks, as there they feel that is enough time to make a choice?

* Even back it up further – although rarely discussed, shouldn’t consenting adults be responsible for their actions? If you are an adult and you choose to have sex, shouldn’t you realize that may have the consequence of creation of a potential human life? And shouldn’t we all be responsible for our actions? (And before anyone writes back with a rebuttal letter, I will acknowledge that in rape and incest there is not initial consent, and I certainly would not hold a woman who was a victim in these cases in any way responsible for her predicament.)

I think these are important questions that fair-minded people should think about whether they are pro-life or pro-choice.

I will ask one final question: What kind of state and nation do we wish to be? I am hoping one that starts to show more and more respect for life, which is truly miraculous in all forms.

Andrew V. Kayes