Race-baiting industry is keeping racism alive

Contrary to most of the media spin, Trayvon Martin was not shot because he was African-American. He was not shot because he wore a hoodie. He was not shot because he had Skittles and iced tea. He was not shot because he appeared to be aimlessly wandering an area that had been burglarized by similar looking young men. He was shot because he attacked a stranger who was doing the job of a neighborhood watchman and then proceeded to smash his head onto concrete.

Do you really think that if a young white person had done the same things, George Zimmerman would have thought, “Even though I may lose consciousness at any second and even though this attacker may kill me with my own gun, I must not defend myself because he is a white boy”?

The lesson for young black men is simple. It is the the same as for all young men: Don’t apply your mixed martial arts fantasies to strangers by attacking them and then attempting to kill them even if they appear to be following you.

The race-baiting industry with the backing of the political left and major media insists on keeping racism alive. They can’t let it go. They purposely ignore black-on-black carnage in major cities and they focus instead on specific cases that allow them to attempt to perpetuate their mantra that most Caucasians are racists. We are not. The whitest state in the union – Iowa – voted for Barack Obama.

Dan Speas