Same old Maui issues live on without resolution

I used to have The Maui News bookmarked on my computer for easy access to what’s going on on Maui. No more.

After a few years, it seemed like I was reading the same ol’ same ol’ stories regarding issues that should have been resolved many times over.

Like squabbling children fighting over a toy, this group or that group points fingers, blames one person or another, etc.

Public input is taken at meetings all over the island and more often than not is ignored.

The post office debacle is a prime example. I get the impression that some people would have the old toxic building rebuilt on its old site until they get their pound of flesh. The building is gone. Move on.

I can name several other structures that need to be removed, but nevah happen. It’s time to stop bickering and jockeying for political advantage and move Maui forward.

Build hospitals, not malls.

Jeff Barnes