Signage urgently needed to put kitesufers on notice

Since the May 19 article “It’s about respect: Kiter, swimmer feud escalates,” my 4-year-old son has been continually harassed and threatened by kitesurfers at Ka’a Point.

On July 1, while my son swam with five other kids in the designated swim zone at Ka’a Point, a kitesurfer came into the zone out of control and dropped his kite onto my son, causing a red welt across his face.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources was contacted and came out, made a report and took pictures of my son’s face. After the DLNR officer left, five or six of the kiters decided to confront me and tried to intimidate us to leave the beach.

On July 2, after spending the day at Ka’a Point, I found my back tire to have a knife puncture to the sidewall.

On July 9, a kitesurfer came over to my son and cursed him out and told him he was hated. He did this while standing over me, trying to incite a physical confrontation. I expressed to the man that he was harassing us and to please leave us alone.

Since this is a designated swim zone, how long is it going to take the state to install signage making the kitersurfers aware of the law?

DLNR officers have expressed that their hands are tied until signage is installed.

Will a serious injury to a child be the reason to expedite the signs?

Philip Bolek