Solution is to work smarter at sugar cane harvesting

The writer of “Alternative to cane burning could be much worse” (Letters, July 7) has made statements that do not seem very well-informed.

First, he asks how many people complaining about cane burning are transplants from the Mainland, as if locals are immune from choking on smoke, contracting respiratory problems in any form, are dust- and dirt-free regardless of their proximity to the fields and just love it.

Secondly, the writer states that “the entire region would become a barren wasteland” without cane fields. So, cane or nothing?

Lastly, I find it curious how the writer downplays the opinions of previous letters on the subject and expounds on the dire future of Kihei, Maalaea and Wailea, yet lives in Lahaina.

Personally, I do not believe that any clear-thinking Maui resident is suggesting that we eliminate sugar cane at all, but that we take that first forward step into the current century and harvest sugar cane using newer, cleaner and healthier methods. In other words, work smarter not harder.

Roy Ayala