Staying mentally sharp keeps dementia at bay

They say thinking and working delays dementia or Alzheimer’s. At 80, I sometimes think this has got to be the new 60. I know some who may never retire, but may be doing their old job in half a day. They appear alert and their hubris remains, the ravages of time seem to roll off their backs like rainwater off a ti leaf.

A well-respected sansei told me to take Coenzyme Q-10. I was 50 when I bought a bottle of it and have taken it since.

Now there is a new antioxidant on the market called Astaxanthin. It is highly regarded and considerably better than CoQ-10. I don’t know, haven’t tried it.

That picture of a 90-year-old woman which appeared on the front page of The Maui News on July 16 walking through the door of the company she works for as a receptionist is inspiring, I am sure, to many of us who saw it. Thanks, The Maui News, for printing it.

The headline next to her photo read: “Study: Delaying retirement may prevent dementia.” She appeared to be a woman in her late 50s, but was hired at 82 and today is 90. Wow.

“New research boosts the ‘use it or lose it’ theory about brainpower and staying mentally sharp. People who delay retirement have less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, a study of nearly half a million people in France found.”

Mahalo. Article made my day.

Rick Medina