Suggestions offered of Maui topics for editorial

Interesting that The Maui News editorial writer has to reach all the way to the Land of Lincoln to talk about corruption (“Today’s Editorial,” June 29). Indeed, there has been corruption in Illinois, but far less in Chicago – one of the magnificent cities of the world – than a lot of Eastern and Western writers might think.

How about some editorials, columns and investigative reports on the Maui topics below?

* Inability of the county to monitor its donations of funds to 10 nonprofits, including the Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, which have done great work recently but have been plagued – to put it kindly – by nonessential spending.

* If tourism and not construction is our most important industry, isn’t preserving paradise more important than development?

* Why do some council members always vote for development and never cast a vote against?

* Shouldn’t a line be drawn above Kaanapali calling for no construction there so that the West Maui Mountains visible from Lahaina don’t start to look like Oahu?

* Should the state constitution be revised so Lahaina could have its own mayor who would focus solely on local needs and improvements?

* What makes an attractive park (flowers, grass, benches, modern playground equipment), and can’t we incorporate good design into our parks?

* Why does the County Council spend so much time hearing repetitious testimony year after year and take almost six months to produce each new budget while other important action gets deferred?

Norm Bezane