Three events portend that the end is at hand

“The end is near.” Three back-to-back irrefutable events make the final outcome irreversible. This is not some monastic prediction, as you’ll attest.

First, “a Brit” won the 100th Tour de France, the Wimbledon of cyclism! Sacredieu (Good God).

Then, “Her Royal Highness” gave birth to the future heir to the throne . . . “a sumo wrestler?” Trust me on that one, the British cuisine had no involvement . . . Imported French chefs? . . . Trahison. (Treason?)

Let’s wish the “newcomer” a life of healthy choices.

Finally, “Michelin,” the king of rubber (caoutchouc), has recalled 100,000 tires (pneus). Qu’el Malheur. (What a calamity?)

Bulletin, bulletin, short-term investment advice (obviously): Buy shares in “guillotines,” its reinstatement is imminent.

Those coming to my door peddling “The true God” et la fin du Monde are in for a surprise.

Alain Mei