Time to stop the smoke and start making ethanol

Since the late 1960s, when I first got here, there has been this ongoing fight about burning cane. It is subsidized by our taxes because it is a worthless product, considering how cheaply we can buy sugar elsewhere. That aside, the sugar cane lands are really there waiting for when it will be profitable to take some out of farming and have the government in the company’s pocket rezone them for greater profit.

There have been, even recently, arguments about what to do about this insanity. I suggest the cane company go into making ethanol. There is plenty money to be made and more employment. Making ethanol from sugar cane is way cheaper than using corn, which raises prices on human and animal food. Modern cars can be modified using a different computer system to burn ethanol, and it is cleaner than gas. This business of adding 10 percent to gasoline is a real scam, since the onboard computers are not set for it. It reduces engine power and we get fewer miles per gallon – no help to the environment and the ones making out are the corn growers.

If Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. insists on burning for harvest, I suggest the corporate leaders be made to hang out in the smoke they create to prove to us it does no harm – or even good for you, as I’ve heard suggested by idiots. If they can prove that, then we should bottle it and sell it.

Pippo Schillaci