Victim of rear-ender grateful for Mauians’ aloha

Recently, I was rear-ended while looking for a parking place at Queen Ka’ahumanu Center.

I was amazed that the woman driving the car that hit mine immediately drove away.

Feeling shocked and a little disoriented, I parked to check the damage. The paint was scratched and my bumper was shoved out of alignment.

To my surprise, several people approached me. One man told me he had watched what happened and provided the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle. Two other kind souls asked if I was all right, and another couple volunteered to be witnesses if I needed them.

I was overwhelmed with kindness during what could have been a real bummer day.

My car isn’t fixed yet, but I am one 80-year-old widow who is very grateful to a group of fellow Mauians who demonstrated so much aloha.

Claire Burke