Victims are subsidizing threats to their health

This recurring debate about cane smoke is a waste of time. No person or corporation of conscience can deny that all and any smoke is harmful to health. Nor can it be denied that burning, which is not done everywhere in the world, is purely a cost-cutting measure.

What galls many people is that sugar is a highly subsidized industry whose large land holdings and water rights are taxed at ridiculously low rates.

In effect, the people in Kihei who most suffer from toxic dust and smoke are also among those citizens who are subsidizing the threats to their health.

And who has not seen those poor women covered from head to toe working in those highly sprayed fields?

Everyone in his right mind, even those invested in this activity, knows the hazards involved. It is also moronic to write and say sugar was here first – love it or leave it. That’s like saying disease and infection were here first – forget medicine, change and remedial applications. Has our understanding and science not improved over the years?

And don’t be fooled by good neighbor donations to local organizations by unconscionable business concerns.

Raphael O’Suna