Allow charter to dictate investigation’s course

I have some thoughts about what the County Council should do regarding the demolition of the Old Wailuku Post Office.

If I understand section 9-13 of the County Chater, “Audit of Accounts,” it appears the issue will be referred to the county auditor, who may then refer the audit to a “certified public accountant or firm of certified public accountants who have no personal interest, direct or indirect, in the fiscal affairs of the county.”

In the meantime, all of us, including the chair of the Cost of Government Commission, should sit back and allow the investigation to proceed in accordance with the tenets of the County Charter.

We letter writers are wasting our time and money trying to be corporation counsels, so, we who create interest in letters to the editor, and Viewpointers as well, should stand down, but remain lock and loaded.

Rick Medina