Allow the people to decide on same-sex marriage

As a part-time resident from California, I’ve seen the gay marriage debate play out before. In 2000, California voters passed Prop 22, which codified marriage as a union between one man and woman. In 2008, the California Supreme Court found a right to same-sex marriage in a previous court ruling.

The people answered back with a constitutional amendment to override the judges. Prop 8 used the very same language as Prop 22 to protect marriage. On election night, Prop 8 passed in the strongly Democratic state. Black voters supported it by 70 percent. Hispanic support was strong. The Democratic establishment was completely out of touch with what the rank-and-file Democrat voters wanted.

We all saw the outcome. Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris refused to defend the amendment in court. The Supreme Court refused to allow the Prop 8 folks standing to defend it. The establishment won out. Two elections had to be overturned so their agenda of same-sex marriage would rule the day.

The Supreme Court never ruled on the merits of Prop 8. There is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage, just as there is no right to have multiple wives. The Founding Fathers wisely left these social issues to the states and to the people. The 10th Amendment was purposely placed in the Bill of Rights.

Hawaii wants to protect marriage. Allow a vote of the people. Let the folks decide, not the ruling elites.

Thomas Marchetti

Glendora, Calif.