Attempting to reduce shark population is absurd

In response to an Aug. 24 letter to The Maui News, I must disagree.

The fact that it is thought that we should go on shark hunts to bring down the shark population is absurd. The ocean is the shark’s home. We are guests once we enter the water, and that is our choice. It is our job to respect every creature that lives there, including those that have the potential to take our lives.

There are rules to the ocean and sometimes people are not educated in them or choose not to follow them. Perhaps those who choose to vacation in areas with ocean activities should be educated on ocean safety rather than trying to eradicate a species that has done nothing evolutionarily wrong.

Comparing a shark to a drunken driver or any other “unlawful elements” in our society is completely naive. Sharks don’t specifically hunt out humans, so why would we turn around and do that to them?

Meghan Jeffreys