Calling 911 should be choice, not confrontation

Bravo to another well-written Maui News editorial (July 16) regarding concern of possible society breakdown in the near future. Yes, why do we need neighborhood watchers? How should the “Stand Your Ground Law” be imposed?

We don’t know exactly what happened the evening Trayvon Martin got shot. But isn’t it a cardinal rule to call 911 if a suspicious figure is lurking around rather than confronting? Provoking should not been an issue.

George Zimmerman should at least be charged with manslaughter punishable up to five years. He killed someone. Now his life could be at risk. Is this justice?

How do we implement “Stand your Ground” with proper jurisdiction? Can we be more conscious of incorporating the self-defense technique?

Example: A predator roams around a neighborhood in a vehicle. Unbeknownst to prey, the predator has been stalking for several years from recreational centers, highway and now the premises of home. Taking a picture was impossible.

So the so-called victim makes a move, picks up a rock and aims at the car before its speeds away without anybody getting hurt.

Could this act of self-defense be justified?

Death that involves violence could not only be achieved through physical brutality but all forms of psychological abuse.

Irene B. Nakama