Close call leads to better emergency preparation

In school we had fire drills, but not until July 29 did we experience a meaningful hurricane drill. My husband and I are grateful for the close call, though, because it got our attention.

When the electricity went out, we brought in our solar yard lamps, giving us plenty of light in every room. The next day we discovered our Internet router and pond pump needed replacing, due to the power fluctuations.

And, we finally took seriously the county’s warnings that a severe storm (or tsunami) could leave us without power for a week.

So we made a hurricane preparation checklist, counting backward from the last 24 hours, to four to five days prior. In addition to other things specific to our home, we listed unplugging all electronics, chargers, routers, and cordless phone charging cradles.

No more relying on surge protectors.

We will also be filling the bathtub with water for flushing or other emergency needs in case island water supply is compromised. If we get hit by a bigger storm, we feel better prepared now.

Kathleen Kastles