Conscience of the Hawaiian people being uplifted

The unification of the Hawaiian people is a song that has been number one for a long time.

I see it in the eyes of many Native Hawaiians young and old, anxious to work with one another to establish our nation once again.

Our language and culture are beginning to flourish and maintain as they were. The conscience of the Hawaiian people is being being uplifted by visionaries. Our aloha spirit resonates stronger within in our families every day, healing and being there for one another in all goodness.

Change comes from within our hearts and healing within our souls. I will stand with you my ohana until the last Hawaiian receives justice. If one receives something, we all receive something.

I will not turn my back on you, I know you will do the same. We stand together in agreement for the advancement of the oiwi, the lahui.

We recognize each other and know who we are and we move. The system shall come to us and we shall speak as representatives of the these lands.

Desmond Yap