For Native Hawaiians, families must come first

Native Hawaiian people: Our first commitment is to our families and serving them. This is real and then extending this aloha to others.

Genealogy connects us to the original people of this land – our ancestors and we are its direct descendants. The kupuna within your ohana get taken care of first and then the keiki. The older kamalii are trained to watch and take part with the makua in doing so.

When your ohana is together then all of us are together. When it is time to stand up and fight, the ohana is together side by side and moves together as a unit. Any differences that there were amongst the ohana are put aside when outside forces threaten the way of life of the ohana. Western culture offers us professional lives and, at times, makes us choose between our profession and our ohana. When put in this difficult circumstance, how do you face the adversity?

Refuse to go against your ohana who took care of you and nurtured you. Stand with them, and in a soft subtle manner show your loyalty and allegiance to your ohana. Do not condone negative behaviors, but do not let the system separate us. When the ohana comes together and marches against oppression in full unity and respect for the aina and others, triumphant we will be.

Desmond Yap