Former Maui resident sad to lose online access

I also am saddened by the loss of online access to The Maui News. It has been my home page since I moved to the Mainland, my daily dose of home each morning. And now, now it is gone.

My favorite columnist, “Maui Nei,” local articles, letters to the editor – come on, we get the first two to three sentences and then advertising to sign up for the digital edition.

News flash, The Maui News’ digital edition is priced higher than my local daily print paper.

Physically leaving Maui was one of the most difficult decisions I have made, but the pulse of Maui was always there for me to read. That is now gone.

Like others who have lived and loved Maui who were there for a season, a decade, or longer and left for whatever reason – family, financial – we who call Maui our heart home are very saddened by the decision to curtail the news that is available online for the public to see in its entirety.

I am missing you, The Maui News.

Alison J. Graham

Suisun City, Calif.