Hospice Maui has a record of compassionate care

The Aug. 9 headline “Hospice CEO brings compassion to Maui” implied that compassion is absent from our current provider of hospice care and I take offense to that.

Hospice Maui, Maui’s current provider of hospice care, gave an extraordinary amount of compassion to my mother and my family. It far exceeded our expectations of care.

The nurse’s deep empathy for my mom was very comforting; she took the time to get to know her as an individual, not just as a patient.

The level of care Hospice Maui offered was suited to the needs of my mom and my family and was not limited to what is covered by Medicare.

Hospice Maui has been growing with the needs of Maui for 34 years and has touched thousands of Maui families with compassionate care. To imply that we need to import compassion from an Oklahoma-based hospice is offensive.

Hospice Maui began in response to community need, not an opportunity to receive Medicare reimbursements. Hospice Maui existed long before insurance reimbursements were available.

Is anyone else concerned that competition in health care, like hospice care, will lead to fewer resources spent on the patients and their families and more resources spent on sales reps and marketing materials?

Angela Domingo