Kanaka maoli have the right to govern themselves

The Aug. 14 editorial quotes Sen. Brian Schatz, saying that the Akaka Bill, or Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, “seeks to do no more for Native Hawaiians than what has already been done for indigenous people of the lower 48 states and Alaska” while “treating Native Hawaiians fairly with respect to the way the federal government treats Native Americans generally.”

Ask any Native American how their ancestors have been treated throughout history by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Broken treaties, mismanaged resources, stolen lands and repeated acts of genocide are good examples of the U.S. Department of Interior’s abuse of Native Americans.

The U.S. government is attempting to terrorize a sovereign people’s perfect right to govern themselves without foreign interference by turning them into an Indian tribe subject to the plenary powers of Congress. To succeed they must persuade kanaka maoli to misidentify themselves as Native Americans. Congress has no legal jurisdiction over indigenous people of foreign countries.

Hawaii has been under U.S. occupation since 1898. Occupation remains occupation until either restoration of Hawaii kingdom’s sovereign political authority or complete conquest and subjugation of its people occurs.

Kanaka maoli are not Native Americans. They are faced with three choices: become a Native American and sign off their birthrights to the Hawaii kingdom and its resource, thereby accepting equal treatment inflicted by the BIA; let someone else sign off their interests for them; or restore their proper identity by uniting together to restore the Hawaii kingdom’s government and sovereign political authority.

Dan Taylor