Lawsuit over unfair tax categories is welcomed

Right on for the Kaanapali time-share owners for taking the county and council to court over the Sunshine Law and for the unfair property tax rates for fiscal 2014 (The Maui News, Aug. 22).

I believe they took advantage of the time shares because they cannot vote. That’s why bed-and-breakfasts and transient vacation rentals pay less in taxes when the use is essentially the same.

Go figure, an 11-bedroom B&B up in Kula run by Oprah Winfrey pays less taxes than the time shares. To me, that’s a hotel.

I believe that B&Bs and TVRs should be taxed in resort/hotel classification.

Please, people, look up the meaning of hotel in the Webster’s dictionary.

I warned the County Council at a meeting that someone with money was going to sue the county over these tax categories because they aren’t fair.

Pat Borge