Lives of pedestrians being put at risk in Kihei

For those of you who haven’t been to Kihei lately, I must urgently report that it has turned into the Wild West – virtually lawless when it comes to motorists stopping for people walking in crosswalks.

My wife has to risk her life every day crossing the street in a clearly marked crosswalk because motorists think they own the road and refuse to stop.

I call for the immediate lowering of the speed limit on South Kihei Road. I also call for the installation of pedestrian signals at crosswalks on South Kihei Road as soon as possible. Further, I call for the actual construction of uniform sidewalks along all of South Kihei Road. And, finally, I call on the police to enforce the laws requiring motorists to stop for people walking in clearly marked crosswalks.

If not for me, then for my wife’s sake.

Mark Smith