Mahalo to all for help in wake of biking accident

While visiting Maui, my boyfriend, Justin, and I were mountain biking at Makawao Forest Preserve when he lost control on the downhill track and flipped over the handlebars, landing on his back (The Maui News, Aug. 19). Rescue workers were called and we were taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center, where an MRI showed he had broken his back.

On the trails, at the time of the incident, there was a man whose name I did not get, but he is the reason that Justin is going to have a full recovery and is not paralyzed. He was an off-duty employee for the land management, I believe. He helped us keep Justin safe while rescue workers found their way to us, and ran to the edge of the trails to meet the rescue workers and lead them back to us.

There was also a woman named Christine and her husband who helped me carry the bikes up the trail and gave me some much-needed love and support while I watched Justin being driven away in the ambulance.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep him safe that day. He is expected to fully recover.

Thank you to the nurses and the therapists at Maui Memorial – especially Debbie and Gina – they made us feel so safe.

We’re returning to Texas, and we wanted to say mahalo to everyone on Maui.

Amber Santa Cruz

Austin, Texas